Pedra, Papel, Tesoura® is a Portuguese Registered Trademark.

"The Gift Makers"

We have as main objective the proximity to the customer and for this we offer unique and original pieces in different materials (stone, paper, iron, wood, among others) in stock or to order.

We like challenging jobs and "outside the box"

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Important informations:
Our online store is under construction ... we have lots of products to insert in the store. So stay tuned for  weekly updates.
If you have a store and want to resell our products, please contact us to know our resale conditions
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Mini Cork Gnomes
2.00 **
Pink "Lavradeira" Earrings
from 8.00 **
"Lavradeira" Necklace
15.00 **
Eco Confetti Magnolia Hearts
Plus VAT and delivery
, **
Exempted from VAT (art. nº 53 CIVA)